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Christmas Candles Screensaver

Everyone loves Christmas and New Year holidays. And everyone waits for them decorating their houses
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15 July 2014

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The sheer joy of the Christmas season can bring a smile to the most jaded souls. Unfortunately Christmas comes just once in a year and some of us tend to wait for Christmas to arrive for months. Well if you too love Christmas and wish to experience its joy all through the year then we suggest you download the Christmas Candles Screensaver 2.0. Once installed it would spread the yuletide sprit through out your surroundings and give you a reason to rejoice at just by looking at the computer screen.

On launch the Christmas Candles Screensaver 2.0 sports before you an enchanting visage that celebrates Christmas in all its pristine glory. You can view the snowfall across the window as bright candles sparkle in the night. Beautiful bulbs and decorations are spread all across and even the animals and birds seems to be rejoicing in the moment. The spirit of celebration and unadulterated happiness seems to be thriving with the endearing character of the snowman appearing on the screen. You can see deer go by as Santa comes calling to deliver Christmas goodies to children. A host of characters from the forest seem to dot the screensaver add oodles of charm. The graphic effects included in the screensaver are a treat to see. You can view the significant patterns that appear in the frozen glass and even the snowfall seems to tread some imaginary lines. Overall the screensaver is virtual treasure trove of delights that can transport in you right into the Christmas season and leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Overall we find both the concept and execution of Christmas Candles Screensaver 2.0 meeting our aesthetic taste. Owing to its superb graphics and apt sound effects, the screensaver is marked with a score of three and half rating stars.

Publisher's description

Everyone loves Christmas and New Year holidays. And everyone waits for them decorating their houses inside and out with different ornamentation: tapes, toys, colored lights and, of course, Christmas candles! Feel the holiday atmosphere looking at winter scenes and Christmas will come to you at any time of the year, even in summer! Download our new Christmas candles screensaver and get the best desktop for your computer during the holidays. Lots of holiday characters like Santa, deers, snowman and forest characters will surely impress you. New Year effects, frozen patterns on glass and falling snowflakes you will also find in this screensaver.
Christmas Candles Screensaver
Christmas Candles Screensaver
Version 2.0
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